How To Play Community Squares

Community Squares is a free online contest for the residents (18+) of Brantford and Brant County, where one lucky contestant will win $10,000! In addition to the Grand Prize, weekly prizes will also be drawn.

The Game-board

When the contest is launched on October 1, 2014, a large game-board will be displayed on the landing page of this site. That board will have various different logos from all the advertisers which are partcipating and supporting the Community Squares contest. You can click on these logos to bring up a larger version of the logo, business contact information, social media links, information about the company, and any additional weekly prizes they have donated.

The Game-board will be a crucial part in solving each week's mystery clue.

The Clues

At the top of the Game-board there will be 13 clue spots. These clues will be released once per week and two clues released half way through the contest - the "double-down" week. The clues will simply be a letter 'clipped' out of one of the logos displayed on the Game-board - in the style of a ransom note letter. It is the contestants' job to scan through the Game-board and find the corosponding logo to that week's clue.

If the clue letter is successfully paried up with a logo and the contestant completes their answer before the next week's clue is released, they will be entered into that week's draw for prizes. Additionally, the contestant will now have one extra ballot for the Grand Prize draw at the end of the contest. If the contestant answers each week's clue on time, and successfully enters all their answers to complete the entire game, they could have a total of 13 ballots (12 weeks + 1 final entry) to increase their chances of winning the Grand Prize.

The Prizes

In addition to the $10,000 Grand Prize, which will be drawn for at the end of the contest on New Year's Eve in Harmony Square, Brantford, there will be a variety of secondary weekly prizes. These weekly prizes are generously donated by the advertisers and could consist of gift cards/certificates, swag (clothing, hats, etc.), electronics, tickets, toys, etc. The weekly prizes will be drawn on Thursday mornings, one week from when the clue was released.

NOTE: You do not need to answer the clues on time, each week, to be entered into the Grand Prize draw, so long as all the clues are answered and submitted by Friday December 26, 2014.

Double-Down Week

At the half-way mark of the contest, there will be the "double-down" week in which two clues will be released and both must be answered to be entered into the weekly draw. The prizes for this week's draw will consist of some high-ticket items. You don't want to miss this week!

Control of the Prize Draws

All weekly draws will be done on each Friday, starting October 10, 2014. These draws will be done electrontically using a 3rd party random drawing service online - They will be held at the offices of Community Squares at 20 Roy Boulevard Unit 19 Upper, Brantford.

The Grand Prize draw will be done at Harmony Square on New Year's Eve (pending). This draw will be done with a physical ballot/raffle drum, which will be filled with all the ballots from the contestants that earned entries by completing the game and weekly clues. This draw will be overseen by the representatives of Community Squares, Harmony Square officials (pending), and officials from the Brant County SPCA.

Contest Duration

The contest will launch on October 1, 2014, but the first clue will be released on October 2, 2014. Each clue will be released weekly after that on Thursday mornings. These clues will be announced on the Community Squares website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and also in the Brantford Expositor newspaper (second page). The contest will conlude, and all answers must be submitted by Friday December 26, 2014.

Summary of Official Contest Rules

Ineligible Participants

The following persons and their immediate families residing in the same household are not eligible for the Grand Prize draw or Secondary Prize draws: employees or immediate family members of Community Squares, Cold Forge Media Inc., or those people directly associated with these two companies and any persons directly connected with members of the Board of Directors of Brant County SPCA.