Step 1 - The Clues

Click on one of the clues below to start your search. The clues are letters 'clipped' from the logos on the Game-board below. Each week a new letter will be revealed, except for the Double-down week of November 13 - two letters will be revealed!

Step 2 - The Game-board

Scan the Game-board to find out which logo the clue belongs to. Browse the Game-board, carefully looking through every logo. Click on a logo to expand it and learn a little more about the company - including which prizes they may be giving away!

Intrigue Media

Why: Why advertise to people at home reading the paper... when you can connect with local consumers who are out spending money, today! We place our TVs in front of captivated audiences in line-ups and waiting rooms, so your ad gets attention. Believe us, people in line-ups enjoy watching your high definition video. Not everyone is in the market for your services – yet. But your Intrigue Brantford ad will play on our network thousands of times every month (yeah – thousands) ensuring that people remember you and when they do need your services, you’ll be the first business they think of visiting. Do you need a Hollywood sized budget to work with us? Nah. We do all this for the same cost as running that tiny one day ad in the newspaper!

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